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The Teepeedees Difference...


We are not a national big box chain that carries tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of products on our shelves, in our aisles, or at our online megastore. We are parents of two young children who have seen the magic of creative play made possible by seemingly simple teepee play tents, and we are passionate about sharing that magic with others. We express our passion in the care and thoughts that we put into every teepee play tent we make. We are honored that you are visiting our site and learning what makes us different.


Unique Designs - Though the basic design of a teepee looks deceptively simple, we have gone through countless prototypes to arrive at our final designs.  For example, we cut our front panels slightly wider so that even when the front is left open, the panels drape smoothly versus being stretched taut by the inherent tension of the poles. While some online stores place the pole pockets on the outside to hide unmatched fabric patterns, we discreetly place the pole pockets on the inside of the tent while trying to match fabric pattern the best we can for a clean, streamlined look.


Special Fabrics & Trims - As a teepee specialty store, we have an array of teepees featuring special fabrics and trims sourced from around the world. For example, for the discerning parents, we carry teepees made from the Marimekko Unikko fabric. And a number of our teepees are distinguished by details such as metallic grommets, leather straps, real horn buttons, French satin, etc.


Hardwood Poles - While some online stores ship their teepees with PVC pipes or aluminum poles, we think wooden poles look the best.  A family-owned lumber shop in the Midwest specially lathes and polishes the hardwood poles for us.


Handcrafted in the USA - Each of our teepees is made with love and care. Every panel is hand cut and matched where appropriate (such as our Nautical Stripe teepees). Every step of the production process is done by hand. The teepees and trims are sewn in a Brooklyn workshop. Grommets are hand-applied by a skilled craftsperson in NY's garment district. A teepee may be worked on by up to three craftspeople.  And we hand tie the leather straps and lacings ourselves just as we inspect every teepee we ship.


Two Sizes to Fit Your Space - We carry teepees in 2 sizes to suit different needs and space. Every home and room is different, and sometimes a more compact teepee is just the right solution for a modestly scaled space.


Easy to Set Up & Store - Busy parents do not have the time to deal with complicated setups and take downs. Hopefully, you will find our teepees to be attractive enough to leave in place most of the time. But for the times you wish to keep the teepee away, you will find it super easy.


Free Shipping on Every Order - Enough said.


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Who We Are...


Teepeedees is a kids teepee play tent specialty store.

As parents of two high-spirited young children in New York City, we have seen how our kids love pretend play. Their favorite pastime is to build a house, a fort, or a castle out of cushions, pillows and bed sheets—on the bed, under the dining table, between chairs. While it is fun for them, it could be quite a mess for us in our not-so-big apartment.


To make peace, we designed our own teepee to give them not only a versatile play tent to nurture creative play, but also one that looks good and fits well in our home when it is up and easily put away when we have visitors. This is how Teepeedees came to be.


Through our teepee play tents, we are delighted to share the joy of imaginative play with you and your family. We take pride in designing the teepees ourselves and in handcrafting each one in New York City. We make the teepees in two sizes so you can pick what works the best in your home, be it a modest city apartment or a large suburban house. By keeping production local, we can ensure highest craftsmanship in our teepees and commit ourselves to investing in our community.


We look forward to hearing from you on how our teepees have inspired creative play for you and your little ones.  And we would love a picture of our teepee in your space!